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Can I Wear a Colored Gi to Class?

“So what’s the deal with gi colors – can I wear a colored gi?” We get this question all the time from newer students. (Usually it’s right after, “How long will it take me to make Black Belt . . . ?) Our answer is pretty simple. “You can wear whatever color gi you want – please just come to class and be sure to wash your gi after every class!”
Old Gi
Yes, Grasshopper, Colored Gis Are Old School . . .
We know that this question has different answers at different schools and that some instructors like their students to wear only white gis. We have no argument with that. But at SCMA we’ve never worried about the color of someone’s gi. We believe that we have other things to worry about, like whether our students are enjoying themselves and are progressing toward their individual training goals. We want our students to be comfortable and happy when they are at SCMA, and so much the better if a colored gi helps.
Class Pitcure colred gi's
Lots of Different Gi Colors in a Recent Noon Class
So, you can wear whatever color of gi you’d like when you train with us. We’re just happy to see you on the mat and we hope that you enjoy yourself. But, please try to remember to bring your belt with your gi to class . . . .
People wearing pink belts
Nobody Wants to Wear the Dreaded Pink Belt!

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