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Press Release: Bully Prevention Week at SCMA

PITTSBURGH, PA—August 10, 2016—Steel City Martial Arts (SCMA), an award-winning martial arts school in Castle Shannon, is offering a free week of Bully Prevention classes to ring-in a new school year in partnership with local educators and local law enforcement.

According to the Center for Disease Control, experiencing bullying puts a child at a greater risk for problems ranging from depression to reduced academic performance. Some studies report that as many as one out of four students will be bullied during their academic careers.

“Sometimes we forget how hard it is to be a kid,” Santino Achille, instructor at SCMA, says. “Bullying has always been a problem, but now it’s even stickier with mobile phones and social media. The playground stuff still happens, but it’s harder to get away from these days, which is why we are running this event.”

Achille says that their Bully Prevention program will cover self-defense techniques but is just as much about sparking a broader conversation and awareness for bullying. With community leaders invited to speak during the week-long event, Bully Prevention Week is designed to help kids think differently about themselves and their own roles among their peers.

“Did you know that over half of bullying problems stop if a peer steps in?” Achille asks. “That’s powerful stuff. Bully prevention isn’t just about self-confidence. Sometimes, it’s about having the courage to stand up for someone else too.”

Bully Prevention Week will run on August 15 (5:40pm), 17 (5:40pm) and 20 (10:15am) for children ages 7 to 14. The program is free for visitors to SCMA and requires no previous experience. For more information, Achille says to call the school directly at 412-531-2122 or to go online to

“If this week helps at least one kid have a better time in school, I’ll be happy,” Achille says.

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