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Bully Prevention Week FAQ


The response that we’ve seen about our first offering of Bully Prevention Week has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to the way our students represent our school when they are not in the gym training, we are blessed with a great reputation and people that are excited to talk about what we do.

We’ve gotten a few questions about the program that we wanted to address really quick:


Q: Can the kids come every day of Bully Prevention Week or just one day?

A: Current students and new visitors are welcome to attend all three!


Q: Are all of the classes in Bully Prevention Week the same?

A: Nope! Each day we will cover something new, building a bit on what we learned in the last class while still covering enough new material that if someone misses a day they can still learn and have fun.


Q: What should attendees wear? Can current students wear their regular uniforms?

A: Current students are welcome to wear their usual training attire, and new students can jump in with a pair of lightweight sweatpants and a comfortable, but not too baggy, t-shirt.


Q: Are students enrolled in the kids’ jiu-jitsu classes allowed to attend!

A: Of course! We’d love to have you.


Q: What time are the classes?

A: Monday and Wednesday Bully Prevention classes are at 5:40pm and on Saturday they are at 10:15am. If you’re visiting for the week, try to stop in 10 or 15 minutes earlier so that we can take care of your waivers and show you around the school.


If you have any more questions, please let us know. We’re happy to help, and we’re excited to see everyone for Bully Prevention Week!

-Sensei & Lisa

To learn more about Bully Prevention Week, click here.

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