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Stay Prepared For Any Real World Threat With Our Self-Defense Classes In Pittsburgh

At Steel City Martial Arts, our Self-Defense system isn't based on proper forms or Karate techniques from centuries ago. 

Instead, we focus exclusively on the art of modern-day self-defense, helping men and women across Pittsburgh stay safe and get in great shape at the same time. Check it out today! 

The Preferred Choice Of Law Enforcement - The Preferred Choice Of Your Neighbors

There's a reason our Self-Defense Classes are so popular with Pittsburgh law enforcement and everyday civilians alike. It's because the system works. 

No matter your skill level or experience with close-combat fighting and real-world violence, we can help you build a foundation that is effective and efficient in any situation.

Our Self-Defense Classes at Steel City Martial Arts are designed to help you:

  • Strike with power and speed
  • Stay prepared to act at a moment's notice
  • Remain calm and clear-headed in a violent situation 
  • Build confidence in your skills to overcome any challenge

And Did You Know Our Self-Defense Classes Offer Incredible Physical Fitness?

That's right, these Self-Defense Classes in Pittsburgh are high-energy fun, keeping your heart racing from start to finish. We'll help you master every element of self-defense, but at the same time, we're here to help you get fit!

Each workout at Steel City Martial Arts is different from the last, keeping your body moving as you push your skills to the next level. 

And in no time, you can enjoy:

  • Lean, toned muscle growth
  • Boosted fat burn and weight loss
  • Improve agility and coordination
  • Incredible energy levels in your everyday life

Stay Safe In Any Situation With Our Self-Defense Classes In Pittsburgh!

Don't let life catch you unprepared. Join the team of law enforcement officers and everyday men and women who are mastering the art of Self-Defense with us at Steel City Martial Arts. We're proud to share our program with families across all of Pittsburgh and we can't wait for you to get started. 

Just fill out the short form on your screen to sign up today!

Our Self Defense Classes Are Located In

  • Castle Shannon
  • Canonsburg
  • Wexford

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